Le Soin Repulpant*

Certified organic youth activator mask

Silver ear, alfalfa, beech buds


  • 99,43% natural
    60,34% organic

The youth plan of your skin.

True youth-activating skincare, Le Soin Repulpant Absolution is an exclusive cocktail of hydrating, redensifying and soothing ingredients.

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Le Soin Repulpant*

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Certified organic youth activator mask

An intense moisturizing action with Silver Ear extract, a Chinese fungus, which—according to legend—gave concubine Yang Kuei-Fuei her beauty. Its exceptional moisturizing properties replenish the skin’s water and restore its natural barrier. It significantly reduces the oxidation of cells, fighting the aging process.

Plumping action due to the extract of young Alfalfa shoots, which are rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, K), minerals and trace elements (iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper,
selenium, silica, magnesium). It also contains vitamin U, one of the rarest vitamins to promote epidermal growth. Effective for regeneration of the skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and the migration of fibroblasts while inhibiting the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown.

Beech buds provide a smoothing action by increasing the oxygen consumption of the cells,
thus improving their protein synthesis. The structure of the epidermis is strengthened and the micro skin surface is smoothed.

Bespoke tips

For all skin types, Le Soin Repulpant rejuvenate your skin with youth ingredients. 10 minutes  for a radiant complexion, fine lines smoothed, skin plumped. Use as often as you want and however you want: in the morning to put in a beauty place, gently wipe off excess after 10 minutes and have a cotton pad soaked in L'eau Soir et Matin before applying your day cream . In the evening, for a deep treatment,  10minutes, then gently wipe the excess and go to sleep! Bright morning guaranteed!

  • Natural ingredients : 99,43%
  • Plant ingredients from organic farming : 98,9%
  • Ingredients from organic farming : 60,34%
  • *Certified Organic : Cosmétique écologique et biologique certifié par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel Ecocert disponible sur http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com
  • 100% Free PARABEN, PEG AND PHTHALATE FREE . WHITHOUT ANY SYNTHETIC COLORING AGENT OR PERFUME.This product owes its natural shade to plant extracts, color may vary.
  • We put also... extract of horsetail energizing, the acai berry is rich in vitamin C, essential oils of patchouli, ginger and shiu.

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I recieved this in my beech box, and after one application my skin felt and looked alot smoother- would highly recomended it to people with senstive dry skin like myself.



Le soin repulpant
Gros coup de coeur pour le soin repulpant. Une peau toute douce et ultra lisse, et qui sent bon les plantes. Bio en plus, combo parfait

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